22.1 Strategy Guide

25 Feb


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

3 wall walks
12 dumbbell snatches
15 box jump-overs
50/35-lb dumbbell, 24/20-in box

Top Scores


332 reps

330 reps

Equipment/Set-Up Considerations

No a lot to think about here, as it’s fairly basic equipment. Now, bear in mind that these are not high reps per round. Meaning there's a good chance that you can move from movement to movement fluidly. So having a tight setup would be wise. That being said, there's strict equipment setup guidelines that must be followed.



10:00-15:00 Easy Aer of Choice


Scap Activation

- 10/side X 2-3 sets Half Kneeling High Band Protraction/ Retraction @ 1011 tempo

- 10/side X 2-3 sets Lateral Scap Walk Up

- 10/side X 2-3 sets Side Plank KB Punchups


Movement Prep:
3 rds

5/side Crossbody DB RDL, 50/35

30m/side Light/ Moderate Single Arm OH KB Carry

10 GHD Hip Ext


In 15:00-20:00

Power Clean + 3 S2OH @ 60%


Power Clean + 2 S2OH @ 70%


Power Clean + 1 S2OH @ 80%

*** off C&J 1RM, rest as needed between them


Sport Specific:

@ race pace
3-2-1 Wall Walks

8-8-8 Alt DB Snatch

9-6-3 Box Jump Overs


There’s definitely an opportunity to run hot in this one. Yes, these wall walks will slow down tempo a little bit, but they will put you upside down. It would be advisable to do this on an empty stomach. 3-4 hours after your last meal should be enough. To be on the safe side, make that a higher carb, moderate protein, lower fat meal. A small, easily digestible carbohydrate snack is ok about 30 minutes before you begin your warm up. This could be fruit based baby food or even 8-10oz of fruit juice or sports drink if it's something you’re used to consuming.


If you did the open last year, you remember wall walks. You also remember that DB Snatch/ Burpee Box Jump Over piece. I'd expect this to feel similar to the latter, although the Wall Walks will allow you to catch your breath a little bit. Also, consider that there's only 3 reps of them at a time, they will not bottleneck you like they did last year. Expect to feel a little shoulder fatigue in the snatches, particularly in the back half, but don't be intimidated by it as you will be able to rest the shoulders when you get to the box. There's no reason to put the DB down at any time nor to take extended breaks in the box jump overs as you know you have the slower tempo wall walks coming after. So set a pace you deem sustainable for 15:00 and have awareness for the movement that comes after and how it may provide a little recovery from either shoulder fatigue or aerobics. You want to have a little kick in the end, especially if you get through the wall walks of that particular round, as the other 2 movements will allow for a bunch of reps in a short span of time.

“Reps in transition” - This will be a big determiner in the final score. How well/quickly can you move from one movement to the next? If you watched the live announcement, Noah was beginning to slow down his transition between movements compared to Pat, which is what led to Pat beating him. Focus on forcing yourself to begin the next repetition as quickly as you can. If anything, treat the Wall Walks and Snatches as a part to “push” followed by a slow beginning of the BJO set to find your rhythm before heading back to the Wall Walks. This workout is a perfect circuit allowing for continual movement from one piece to the next. Stay disciplined and move quickly and efficiently.

Re-Do Considerations

This is definitely doable twice. The only factor that could change that would be low back fatigue. This being said, we need to be smart as far as where you would place with your score. Remember, all you need to do is be in the top 10%. The less work you need to do to get there, the better. Very early prediction is that 8 rounds gets you there. We’ll know more on this as scores start rolling in.

Good luck as you take on 22.1! While the work to prepare for this season has already been done, if you want to take your future performance to the next level then there’s no time like the present to hire a Crafted Coach.

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