22.2 Strategy Guide

04 Mar


For time 10:00 Time Cap


DL (225/155)

Bar Facing Burpees

Top Scores


Horvath 9:30

Holte 9:09


Medeiros 7:53

Panchik 8:22

Equipment/Set-Up Considerations

Follow CF Set Up guidelines for center line, video angle, and start position. Remember to clamp that barbell. Other than that, there really is no room for strategizing in this one equipment wise


3:00-5:00 Hamstrings and Hip Hinge work


/side Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold

Bear Plank


3 rds:

10 Russian KBS, light

10 Pushups

Power Clean; build to a single @ 80-85% 1RM


Deadlift; build to moderately tough 5 - TnG - leave some in the tank

Energy Systems Prep:

4-5 sets

0:30 Row or Ski Erg

0:30 rest

@ 2k Row/Ski pace

Workout Specific Prep

2 sets @ race pace:

200m Ski

2 DL


2 DL


200m Ski

-rest 90 sec-

*Find your cadence, movement efficiency, and breathing with these pieces

*Get warm and ready


Any time there's high volume burpees you need to expect a big metabolic kick. DL will definitely provide a change of pace and slow things down a little bit. Don't expect this one to be as hard charging as 22.1, but still err on the side of caution and allow 3-4 hours before your last big meal. May go with a simple carb snack such as fruit, and a small serving of lean protein, such as 2 slices deli meat, 30-40 minutes before warming up.


This is a very nice pairing, not only in patterns but in rate of contractions. Its also not the first time that we see a couplet consisting of a barbell movement and bar facing burpees in the Open. However, it IS the first time that we see these higher loads. Pacing will be crucial here. It will be very easy to get excited up until that first round of 5 because you’ll be switching back and forth between movements before fatigue can even start to kick in. I would encourage you to be conservative all the way up to 10 reps, as the rounds between the 7’s may get a little sticky. DL is one of those movements where the bar can be dropped and picked back up with minimal loss of time if you’re disciplined. It may be a good idea to plan some breaks after that round of 5 to push off fatigue and perhaps even allow for a push on the descent. Consistent movement will greatly pay off. Control those burpee reps, make sure you maintain a good breathing rhythm. Long breaks and transitions will eat up WAY too much time here, as there's 36 total transitions for those who finish within the time cap. So even if you must resort to DL singles, you’re still in it so long as you can keep moving.

Mantra - “just get started” - force yourself to begin the next movement as quickly as possible.

Re-Do Considerations

The one concern as far as a redo here will be low back fatigue from the DL. For those who manage hip hinging volume well and are comfortable at these weights, there would be no issues in hitting this twice. Then again, this is fairly high level folks that would not need to repeat anyways. Feels like pacing will be a big factor in this one. By that, I mean there’s potentially some room for improvement in a second go. All this being said, you’ll want to avoid repeating unless 100% necessary.

Good luck as you take on 22.2! While the work to prepare for this season has already been done, if you want to take your future performance to the next level then there’s no time like the present to hire a Crafted Coach.

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