22.3 Strategy Guide

11 Mar


For time (12:00 Time Cap)

21 Pull-Ups

42 Double Unders

21 Thrusters 95/65

18 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

36 Double Unders

18 Thrusters, 115/75

15 Bar Muscle-Ups

30 Double Unders

15 Thrusters, 135/85

Top Scores


Kristin Holte - 5:08

Sam Briggs - 5:50


Noah Olsen - 4:27

Jake Berman - 4:29

Equipment/Set-Up Considerations

There’s several aspects to consider here, let's go in order of movements:

Pullups: Use a pullup bar that you’ve used before and that you like (whatever the reasons may be for that). Ideally, it's one that has good grip and that you can reach easily. It's not so high that you need a box to get on it but also not so low that your feet touch the ground when you kip. Keep chalk close to that pullup station. If possible, use the J cups in the rig to place a block of chalk there so that its readily accessible without stepping away or having to bend over. If you regularly use gloves or grips, definitely put them on. Also, it may be wise to wear wrist wraps or bands to catch sweat and keep hands dry.

Double Unders: Make sure that your jump rope is in good shape. Tighten up the screws, check cables where applicable. If at all possible, have a second rope nearby in case anything happens to your primary rope. Double knot your shoelaces or even tape them up to ensure they don't come undone. For those of you with very long hair, tie it low or use a headband to keep that ponytail from possibly interfering with your rope.

Thrusters: Use one of the better, tighter clamps available to keep those plates secure. Dense plates are advised to minimize bounce. Have the appropriate weight increments that will allow for adding plates every round without taking any off.


This will be a very important piece for this workout. Take your time here:

Body temperature:
10:00-15:00 Aer of Choice, easy


Ankles, Hips, Lats, Shoulders

* you want to be able to get in the best possible position in the bottom of the squat, front rack, and with a barbell OH


Movement Prep:

3 rds:

10 Alt Cossack Squats

10 Alt Archer Ring Rows

10 Russian KBS, begin light, add some weight every rd


Squat Clean + 5 Thrusters; build to a somewhat challenging set, with very fluid reps


Energy Systems Prep:

3-5 sets @ high (NOT MAX) effort

0:20 Row

2:40 rest


Workout Specific:

@ race pace

9 Pullups

30 DU

6 Thrusters, 95/65

6 C2B

30 DU

4 Thrusters, 115/75

3 bMU

30 DU

2 Thrusters, 135/85


I'm probably sounding like a broken record here, but the truth is, Open workouts share fast pace, rapid contraction characteristics. Believe me, you will be running HOT in this one. Dont come in with a full stomach. Allow 3-4 hours after your last meal and make that lean protein and high carb. If absolutely necessary go for a fruit and deli meat snack 30-40 minutes before your warmup. If at any point over the course of the past 2 weeks you felt anything not sit right during your workouts, I can guarantee it will get worse here. So avoid those foods or allow for more time between your meal and workout.


Well, this took no one by surprise. We knew this was coming, in fact, last week we called a 21.3 redo. This shares some similarities with it, plus a twist with DU’s. The first thing that I’ll say is to not even think about Fran. This is more reps, heavier loads, more complex gymnastics, and there's DU’s. Those thrusters will feel exponentially heavy, especially for the men, and bMU’s will feel way tougher than you’d expect by the time you get there. That being said, Ill break this down into 2 main groups:

Group 1 will be those threatening at the top 10% or slightly inside the line right now. You will need to be very strategic here. Remember, this gets increasingly difficult every round, albeit with lower reps. Be patient in the front end. Unless you are an absolute bMU ninja (25+ unbkn reps) I'd advise that you break in both thrusters and pullups/ C2B. The reasoning is that you will be able to control these breaks. Whereas if you get to the bMU with pullup fatigue, you will quickly be reduced to singles there. And mind you, there are still 15 reps. In the thrusters, make sure that you continue breathing. 2 full breath cycles per every rep. USE YOUR LEGS, save your arms for gymnastics. The workout ends with thrusters, so come with the mindset of selling out when you get there, finish strong.

Group 2 would be those that are very unlikely to hit bMU’s. In this case, volume is drastically reduced and you will not hit that 3rd, heavy bar. This would be a slightly different strategy as you can attack those first rounds. All the other points apply.

Re-Do Considerations

It’s a tough workout, so I doubt anybody will be looking forward to repeating. But it’s week 3, so do or die. If qualifying is on the line, there's no question you should give it a second go. I highly recommend a Friday/Monday plan for this one.

Good luck as you take on 22.3! While the work to prepare for this season has already been done, if you want to take your future performance to the next level then there’s no time like the present to hire a Crafted Coach.

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