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29 Nov

Today’s topic of discussion: Outcome vs. Process Oriented

When your expectation of the outcome outweighs the value inherent in the task, you will always set yourself up for disappointment.

When the value is found in your effort and the crafting of yourself, you eliminate the possibility for disappointment because it is a never ending journey. 

The outcome is a momentary noticing that catches you by surprise. It’s a surprise because you aren’t focusing on the outcome, you’re focusing on the work that lies before you. 

And the value you place on that work will be reflective of not only your enjoyment of the journey, but also the outcome you receive.  

As the great Coach John Wooden said, the results will be pretty close to what they should be.

The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Episode 4: Why You Need Goals

In this week’s episode, Mike and I discuss the importance of goals. 

I saw a quote recently that made me pause and reflect upon why we have goals and what the true purpose a goal serves. 

We discuss:

  • The purpose of a goal and the benefits it provides not only in the short-term, but also in the long-term.
  • What you are getting out of pursuing a goal and the deeper purpose behind it.
  • We share our own stories and paths through life, thus far, providing an example of how goals serve a bigger purpose than achievement alone. 
  • Lastly, we close with practical considerations on how to pick a goal and what measures you can use to determine if this goal is one that will elicit the deeper purpose you want out of a goal.

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See you next week, 

Coach Sam Smith

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