The Crafted Competitor

02 Dec

Today’s topic of discussion: The Crafted Competitor

I posted about this idea on my instagram a few weeks back. 

I’ve been spending a good amount of time thinking about where we (Crafted Coaching) can be invaluable in the fitness space. And I continually come back to us being the guide for driven competitors who need a plan to reach their competitive potential. Competitors who not only want to reach new heights both physically and competitively, but in all aspects of their lives.

The Crafted Competitor is someone who sees that our lives are not solely the outcomes of our physical endeavors; there’s more to them.

The exploration of the physical opens the door to a side of ourselves we could not find elsewhere. We bump up against who we think we are with who we are born to become. And through this physical exploration in the gym and on the competition floor, we better understand ourselves and become more whole. 

We at Crafted Coaching create the space that is required for this transformation to occur. And we believe that these tenets (listed below) speak to the principles that are rooted in being a Crafted Competitor. 

The Crafted Competitor…

Trains Different.

Prepares Smarter.

Competes Better.

Through these shifts, the Crafted Competitor is able to gain a level of fulfillment through their physical quest that they couldn’t gain otherwise.

At Crafted Coaching we…

Guide driven competitors who need a plan to reach their competitive potential.

And through that plan, they become what we call a Crafted Competitor, embarking on a fulfilling physical quest that will transform them for the better.

The Crafted Competitor Tenets

  • Control the controllables ⁠
  • Process oriented ⁠
  • Delayed gratification⁠
  • Patience and consistency trump all⁠
  • Work hard with great intent⁠
  • 1% better every day ⁠
  • Take full responsibility for the outcome⁠
  • Win with dignity, lose with humility ⁠
  • Know yourself⁠
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable ⁠
  • Be proud of your effort⁠

I look forward to sharing more thoughts and insights on this new outlook with you all. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you your thoughts regarding the “Crafted Competitor”, the “Tenets” or the overall aim that I spoke about above. 

Feel free to email me back any thoughts you may have. All are welcomed. 

The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Episode 5: How to Fix Your Shoulder and Knee Pain with Dr. Will Trujillo 

In this week’s episode, Mike and I have a great discussion with our fellow colleague Dr. Will Trujillo. 

In this episode, we learn about: 

  • Will’s sport and academic background
  • His thoughts on young Crossfit athlete development and the principles that are often missed inside their program design
  • Gaps he sees in performance coaching & program design from his Physical Therapy lens
  • How his Physical Therapy lens has limited him at times with training progressions 
  • The 2 biggest movement issues he sees in the CrossFit space, why that might be the case, and how to manage both of them
  • What he’s changed his mind on in the past year with regards to program design 

Click here to give it a listen.

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See you next week, 

Coach Sam Smith

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