16 Dec

Today’s topic of discussion: Failure

Have you given yourself permission to fail?

It’s ok to fail, to fall short. And you have to give yourself permission to do that. 

This doesn’t mean you will fail. Rather, it allows you to let go of the outcome. And when you do, it will put your goal in perspective. It will highlight the bigger purpose it is serving for you.

Your goals serve far more value than simply being a means to an end. 

They transform you. 

(Mike and I discussed this in greater detail on a recent podcast episode, Why You Need Goals.)

Letting go of the outcome and being able to recognize the bigger purpose inside your goal ties into two of the Crafted Competitor Tenets:

  • Control the controllables


  • Be proud of your effort

When you focus on controlling the controllables, you acknowledge there are pieces inside your control and pieces outside your control. The outcome happens to always fall outside your control.

When you accept this, you recognize that your effort becomes the one thing you can affect in all circumstances. This allows you to focus your energy on something you can influence.

By doing so, you will extract greater value from the task, while also reinforcing the ability to let go of the outcome and focus on your effort instead.

Control the controllables and be proud of your effort.

The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Episode 6: In-Season Strength Training for the CrossFit Athlete 

In this week’s episode, Mike and I discuss In-Season Strength Training for the CrossFit Athlete.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on in-season training, so stay tuned for more to come. 

In this episode, we cover: 

  • How to assess someone’s absolute strength potential
  • What is required for absolute strength expression
  • What role does absolute strength play in the sport of CrossFit and how often is it tested
  • The differences between in-season and off-season absolute strength training
  • Examples of both of them highlighting there differences
  • The intentional aspect of absolute strength expression that is often missed. 

Click here to give it a listen.

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See you next week, 

Coach Sam Smith

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