February Monthly Workout- "Singled Out"

25 Feb

"Singled Out"

10 Min AMRAP

15 Single Arm DB Front Squats 50/35
10 Alt Single Arm DB Devils Press
5/side Single Arm DB S2OH

**no restrictions on squats

Now on WODProof- Join our Community to submit your score!

-Open the App to the home page

-Hit the menu option in the bottom right w/ three horizontal lines

-Choose "Training Programs/Communities

-Search "Crafted Coaching" in the search bar and we will pop up!



-Once a month, we will announce a workout on Thursday. You will have until Monday at 5pm PT to complete the workout and submit your score.

-You will submit your score on the WODProof App

-You can see the live leaderboard anytime by logging into the App but we will post about it on IG the following Tuesday!

Don’t forget to Submit Your Score by Monday at 5pm PT.

Tag us in your stories and posts so we can share with the community! #CraftedCoaching

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