Focus on the Work, not the Outcome

15 Feb

Here is a thought, a quote, and a piece of training to consider this weekend.



If you know (and believe) the outcome you will attain will be a reflection of the work you put in, then there’s only one thing to do: 

Start working, keep working, and stay the course. If you try to make it any more difficult than that, you are looking for an excuse. 


“The results will be pretty close to what they should be.”

-Coach John Wooden 


Quarterfinal Simulation Test:

2 min AMRAP:


12 RMU

AMRAP Clean and Jerk @ 155/225

-1 min rest-

3 min AMRAP:



AMRAP Clean and Jerk @ 175/245

-1 min rest-

4 min AMRAP:



AMRAP Clean and Jerk @ 185/265

*Score is total CnJs

*You can power or squat the bar

*Have someone add load to your bar each round

I wanted to come up with a battery/strength test that also had roughly the functional volume requirements for GHDSU and Ring Muscle Ups (based upon the 2022 QF testing body). Being exposed to a test that demands multiple skill sets from the athlete can better determine who is more capable and well-rounded given what is being tested for at this stage in the competition.

I would categorize this as a very advanced style test where all movements are interfering with each other, requiring the athlete to show tremendous competency, efficiency, and strength in order to attain a great score. 2 things to notice in particular: 

  1. 1 minute is added with each successive AMRAP (partly due to fatigue creep and partly due to load being added to the bar each round)
  2. The load on the barbell is increasing (this adds another wrinkle to the test as fatigue creeps. How efficient and smooth someone can be with the movements and the loading will further separate themselves from the rest of the pack)


I haven’t had anyone do this yet (they will be performing it once you are reading this newsletter) but I’m going to say the top score will be 25-30 total reps. I figure 5 for the first one, 10 for the second one, and between 10-15 for the last one. I’d also expect females, on the average, to attain a higher score than men on this one.

The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Episode 16: Life After Competing with Colleen Fotsch

Hey guys, welcome back to Crafting Fitness!

Today I’m honored to be speaking with the newest addition to our Crafted Coaching team, Colleen Fotsch.

We had a wonderful conversation talking about her athletic career, stories from our time working together during her competitive days, and how she’s navigated the change in her identity from the athlete towards the next chapter of being a coach and data analyst.

Below you will find her bio and a few notes regarding her new program, Crafted: Perform!

Colleen is an elite athlete in multiple sports and an all around bad-ass human. She started out as a 5-time All-American swimmer at UC Berkeley, where her team won multiple NCAA D1 championships. After college, Colleen poured her heart into a new sport– CrossFit. She went on to compete at the CrossFit Games as both an individual athlete and in the team division. In 2020, Colleen was recruited to join the National USA Bobsled Team and added yet another impressive adventure to her athletic resumé.

Although she’s now retired from competitive athletics, she maintains her athletic spirit as a full-time data analyst putting in hours in the office while still training hard and enjoying life. While pursuing her masters degree, Colleen developed a passion for helping people balance effective training with all of the other facets of life– work, school, family, and friends. Colleen has taken her knowledge and experience competing at the highest level to develop Crafted: Perform.

Crafted Perform is our newest program aimed at crafting performance for life outside the arena.

You can use the link below to access her program and sign up today.

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Contact Colleen:

Email -

IG - @colleenfotsch

Crafted Perform -

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Coach Sam Smith

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