Lessons from Michelangelo’s David

02 Nov

Written by Coach Sam Smith

Welcome to the Crafting Fitness Newsletter

My goal with this newsletter is to provide insights, thoughts, and ideas surrounding fitness for the athlete, coach, and fitness enthusiast. 

The lack of quality information in the fitness world has made me want to step up to the plate and provide a resource for people to draw from to upgrade their thoughts and understanding of fitness.

To start, I want to briefly share my thoughts on why we named this weekly reflection, and our podcast, Crafting Fitness.

What does “crafting” mean?

It speaks to a continual refinement over time; a drawn out process. 

It makes me think of Michelangelo’s David. 

A perfect symbol of something magnificent that instantly makes you think of the time and effort that went into creating it. 

It’s almost a law of nature: the more beauty and value inherent in something, the more time and effort that went into it. Value and time are locked tightly together. 

And this also applies to our fitness pursuits. 

Whether we are preparing for the CrossFit Games, a local throwdown with friends, or training for life, the value inside of that pursuit will be connected to the time investment we give it. And the more time we give it, the more value we will extract from it.

Crafting speaks to time, care, patience, discipline, consistency.

Fitness speaks to durability, resilience, preparedness, confidence, awareness.

Our lives require all of the aforementioned attributes.

Recognizing this is an ongoing process of continual refinement and growth, we can meet the journey with an appropriate time horizon. And by doing so, we increase our potential for success.

When Michelangelo began his project, he knew it was going to take a considerable amount of time to create something worthy. He gave the task the respect, and time, it required and chipped away consistently until he was finished. The worthier the goal, the longer it will take.

I hope this newsletter will be a resource for you to continually challenge yourself on how you are crafting your own unique version of fitness.

Introducing: The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Along with a weekly written reflection in your inbox, I’ll also be sharing a new Crafting Fitness podcast episode each week. 

Every episode of Crafting Fitness starts with the premise that a life well lived is one that is full of physical endeavors.

Along with my co-host Michael McElroy, I’ll be bringing top coaches together to discuss all things fitness—ranging from the sport of CrossFit to coaching to the pursuit of health—and how they all intertwine with every aspect of our lives.

Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or just want to live an active and meaningful life, join us each week for Crafting Fitness and we’ll grow and thrive together.

Episode One: Individual Design vs. Template Programs

This week, Michael and I discussed:

  • Why we added programs at Crafted Coaching
  • What Individual Design is and isn’t
  • What Templated Programs are and are not
  • How programs are different from Individual Design
  • Who is Individual Design appropriate for
  • Who is Templated Program appropriate for

Listen to episode one here or tune in wherever you get your podcasts. 

Please help us out by rating and sharing a review on the podcast app. Thanks for your support. 

Until next week,

Coach Sam Smith

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