Life is challenging. Will you be ready?

10 Mar

Here is a thought, a quote, and a piece of training to consider this weekend.



Life is challenging. 

And if you accept that as true, then you must continually be equipping yourself with tools to handle the inevitable challenges.

There’s one tool that can provide enduring value far better than most:

Physical Challenges

They are one of the most powerful tools to wield. They force you to face the truth.

A lot of your life is squandered in your imagination where you suffer far more than in reality. When you expose yourself to physical challenges, you bring yourself back to reality; to what is real. And through these challenges, you build a resilience not found anywhere else.

Through the voluntary practice of physical challenges, you show yourself that you can work hard, struggle, and overcome “real” challenges. And through this exposure, you build a confidence in your physical body that extends to your psychological body. 

The iron never lies.

Expose yourself to daily physical challenges.

See them as an opportunity to sharpen your sword.

Life is challenging.

But you will be ready.


Build relationships so strong they can bare the weight of truth.”


“Fitness Monitoring”

  1. Snatch - Build to a max
  2. Strict Handstand Push Up - AMRAP UB x 1 set - no pausing
  3. 30 second Row, 30 sec Rest (stay strapped in), 30 second Row - for max meters

The tests are not to determine value but their current ability through easy-to-implement, repeatable, sports specific situations.

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”

The scores will undulate and that is expected. The sole purpose is to see HOW the current training program is impacting the snatch, row, and strict handstand push ups; markers of strength, capacity, relative strength and endurance for the sport of Crossfit.

I leverage these tests quite a bit in my coaching practice with competitive Crossfitters. The frequency of use depends on their training age and experience level. For example: the higher the training age, the less often I’m using them. 

The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Episode 19: Reviewing the 2023 CrossFit Open

Hey guys, welcome back to Crafting Fitness!

Today I review the 2023 CrossFit Open events and share my thoughts on each event and all 4 events as a whole. 

I broke this episode up into 6 parts:

  1. Initial Noticings
  2. What’s being tested
  3. Changes from previous years
  4. How to improve work rate and strength under fatigue
  5. Functional Volume
  6. Strategy guides - are they useful?

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Coach Sam Smith

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