Making Progress

11 Nov


The quicker you expect progress, the longer it will take you. 

The longer you expect it, the quicker you will get it.

We all want progress, and we all want it yesterday. 

What I think we really want is to see ourselves growing; we equate progress to growth. 

It can bring us great pain to feel and see stagnation in our lives. And one way we can inadvertently try to create growth and avoid this discomfort is by trying to do too much too soon. 

Have no fear, there is a remedy to this overreaching. 

When we aim to leave each day a little better than when we started, we open the door to the law of small incremental gains. 

1% better each day over a year will lead to a 38% improvement, mathematically speaking. That’s not insignificant, that’s progress.

Expect progress from yourself, but expect it over a longer period of time.

FREE WEBINAR: CrossFit Quarterfinals Prep for the Mindful Competitor

If you want to break free from the pack and rise up the leaderboard in the 2023 CrossFit competition season then it’s no longer enough to just train hard, every day, and hope for the best.

Cranking up volume, intensity, and frequency may seem like the way to go… but if you’re serious about achieving success and competing in the sport you love for years to come then you need a smarter approach.

In this free webinar, I invite you, the aware athlete, for a discussion on Quarterfinals preparation, so you can ensure your training today sets you up for a strong competitive season.

Subject: CrossFit Quarterfinals Prep for the Aware Athlete

Date: Tuesday, November 22

Time: 12 PM EST

Link: Register Now

Topics I will cover include:

  • In-season training vs. Off-season training
  • The importance of a “date”
  • Reverse engineering your training based on your end goal
  • Building confidence
  • Sharpening and tapering

Spots are limited. Register now and secure yours.


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Episode 2: Training for Life with Coach Henry Torano

In this conversation we get into the following areas:

  • Henry’s competitive sport background
  • How we got into coaching
  • His new Crafted: Function Program
  • How his program differs from his Individual Design coaching
  • Misconceptions around training for health and vitality
  • What he’s you changed your mind on in the past year with regards to program design

Listen to episode 2 here or tune in wherever you get your podcasts. 

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In case you missed my last newsletter, here’s what the show is all about:

Every episode of Crafting Fitness starts with the premise that a life well lived is one that is full of physical endeavors.

Along with my co-host Michael McElroy, I’ll be bringing top coaches together to discuss all things fitness—ranging from the sport of CrossFit to coaching to the pursuit of health—and how they all intertwine with every aspect of our lives.

Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or just want to live an active and meaningful life, join us each week for Crafting Fitness and we’ll grow and thrive together.

See you next week, 

Coach Sam Smith

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