Reassurance is futile

26 Jan

Here is a thought, a quote, and a piece of training to consider this weekend.



If you need to ask your coach, “How are my scores? Am I doing well?”

You have a long ways to go. 

As you develop physically and mentally, you will also be developing a sense of knowing where you are at. You will know when you are on your edge and when you are not. You will more clearly know where you need to get to, what numbers those are, and where you currently sit in relation to them. 

Asking someone else for reassurance is futile. There’s never enough of it and the outcome will always be uncertain. Instead, focus on the work, focus on the process. This is what you can control. 


“What must ultimately motivate you is the work itself and the process. Public attention is actually a nuisance and a distraction.” - Robert Greene 


“F’ed up Fran”

For Time:

27 Thrusters @ 65/95 pounds

27 Pull Ups

21 Thrusters @ 65/95 pounds

21 C2B

15 Thrusters @ 65/95 pounds

15 BMU

9 Thrusters @ 65/95 pounds


Can you go sub 9 minutes?

Descending repetitions, ascending difficulty on the pulling patterns.

How well can you perform higher skilled movements as fatigue rises?

This one is just on the edge of functional volume. It does provide a great test to see what “rate” you can hold with movements that have a higher turnover speed.

Don’t know what “functional volume” or “rate” means? 

I wrote extensive articles on both awhile back. Here are the links to both of them:

Functional Volume:


I’m going to record a few podcast episodes in the near future detailing “rate” and “functional volume”. I see it “rate” one of the more important attributes for the CrossFit athlete that isn’t noticed nor intentionally worked on.

FREE Webinar - Designing Smarter Crossfit Workouts

⁠It’s not enough just to just do the daily WOD and think you’ll reach your goals.

You need to understand where you currently sit and what you’re trying to achieve. Then you can design the workouts to get you there.

That’s why designing smarter Crossfit workouts is the topic of my upcoming webinar. It’s essential to build the confidence and readiness you need before you step on the competition floor.

I will be sharing robust frameworks for analyzing workouts to better design and better Rx appropriate dose-response.

Subject: Design Smarter CrossFit Workouts - Thinking Beyond 21-15-9

Date: Wednesday, February 1

Time: 1 PM EST

Link: Register Now

Topics I will cover include:

  • Purpose
  • Sport vs. General Fitness
  • ⁠Characteristics of Testing Body
  • Thinking about Tension
  • Combinations
  • Dose Response

Plus, bring your questions and join me for a live Q&A.

Spots are limited. Register now and secure yours.


The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Episode 13: Is Being a CrossFit Games Athlete Healthy?

Hey guys, welcome back to Crafting Fitness!

Today I’m pleased to be joined by my colleague, Henry Torano. We both recently saw a post from Ben Bergeron saying that CrossFit Games athletes have healthy bodies. Henry and I both have differing viewpoints on this statement and wanted to share our thoughts on why we see sport and health being mutually exclusive.

Our aim for this discussion was to share an opposing viewpoint to the one stated and to add perspective on why we think sport sits outside of longevity and health regardless of what that sport entails.

If you have questions or topics you’d like for us to discuss on future episodes, feel free to respond to this email with that topic or email me directly:

Click here to give it a listen.

Please help us out by rating and sharing a review on the podcast app. Thanks!


Coach Sam Smith

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