The Secret to Getting Better

16 Dec

Today’s topic of discussion: Getting Better

I spoke about this idea a few months back where I talked about progress and small improvements. Today I want to expand upon this idea from another angle.

(Worth noting, I’m going to use “progress” and “improvement” interchangeably here.)

We are obsessed with getting better. We NEED to know that we are climbing each and every day. 

This is in part why people are drawn to CrossFit: there are a plethora of skills you must develop such that getting better becomes a part of your daily training experience. 

This was an aspect of the Sport of Fitness that drew me in as well. And this also ties into one of the Crafted Competitor Tenets:

  • 1% better every day

Maybe a better way of looking at the idea of small daily improvements is to think about it in the following:

Define your “better” every day

How can you become better today? If we can clearly define what that looks like, today, we have a much greater chance of succeeding and building the momentum we need to reach the big improvements we all seek.

Let’s tie the idea of improvement to our training. 

How do we make improvements in our training?

2 words:

Training Consistency.

The only way you can improve and progress is through consistent training. Moreover, you can only progress something if you have something to build upon. 

Progression builds upon itself. 

The more training you miss, the more stagnant your progress will become. 

The more deviations made to the training, the harder it becomes to appropriately progress the training.

The less able you are to progress the training, the fewer improvements you will see.

So, how can you cultivate training consistency?

Here’s what you need:

  1. Belief in your training
  2. A life that supports your training
  3. Time

If you want training consistency:

  • Believe in your training and the purpose it serves
  • Set up your life to support your training
  • Give it the time it requires in order to progress and improve

Here’s another way to look at it:

Training Compliance leads to Training Consistency which leads to Continual Progress.

Getting better requires progress. And progress requires us to define what we can do today to build the practice that will open the door to consistency and the momentum progress requires. 

The secret to getting better?

Define your “better” every day, then consistently execute. 

P.S. - There’s an element missing here that is the backbone of progress. Do you know what it is? Stay tuned for next week where I’ll discuss it in detail. 

The Crafting Fitness Podcast

Episode 7: In-Season Aerobic Training for the CrossFit Athlete 

In this week’s episode, I will be going solo discussing In-Season Aerobic Training for the CrossFit Athlete.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on in-season training. Stay tuned for our final installment.

In this episode, I cover: 

  • The difference between aerobic potential, what I call your ceiling, and working underneath that potential, what I call your efficiency and economy
  • How you can assess someone’s predisposition for aerobic training 
  • The value in Aerobic Training
  • The differences in design for In-Season vs. Off-Season Aerobic Training
  • Examples showing differences in both cyclical and mixed pieces of work
  • How manipulating constraints and chaos play a vital role in the progression and development of one’s aerobic potential inside the sport of CrossFit

Click here to give it a listen.

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See you next week, 

Coach Sam Smith

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