To Be or To Do

18 Jan

Here is a thought, a quote, and a piece of training to consider this weekend.



Do you want to appear to be somebody, or do you want to do something? 

Do you want to be strong, or do you want to look strong?

Do you want to be competitive, or do you want to look competitive?

“To be” = focused on appearances

“To do” = focused on action

Which one you choose will determine where you find your confidence: outside yourself or inside yourself. 

Focusing on appearances will force you to find confidence outside yourself.

Focusing on action will force you to find confidence inside yourself. 

“True confidence comes from within. External validation is fleeting and unreliable.”


“I don’t have talent, so I just get up earlier.” - Henry Rollins

And if you get up earlier, then you need to go to bed earlier. And if you go to bed earlier, then you need to wind down earlier…you get my drift. 


Below I’ve posted the events from this past weekend’s Crafted Quarterfinal Preparation Camp. I was going to only post 1 of the events but upon further thought, I decided to post all of them. 

The intention behind the events was to create a body of tests that challenged characteristics we might expect in the Quarterfinals this year. The only event I wasn’t pleased with was event 4. It was too much. I wanted it to be a fatigue repeatability style test that challenged power more so than pure grit. If I kept the thruster load fixed and made the thruster repetitions ascending and the burpees descending, I think that would have been better. Otherwise, the tests went great given the equipment constraints we had and the ability level of our athletes.

If you decide to do any of them or give them to any of your own clients, feel free to email me back the results and any takeaways you had. I’d love to see them and hear them!

Day 1

Event 1

20 min clock:

Minute 0-6:

Max Clean and Jerk

Minute 6-14, 8 minute AMRAP:

27 DU's

3* Power Snatch @ 80/115

3* Hang Squat Snatch @ 80/115

3* OHS @ 80/115

*add 1 rep to each movement each round

*each barbell movement must be unbroken

Minute 14-20:

Max Clean and Jerk

1st Score:

Average Load Lifted

2nd Score:

Total Reps in AMRAP

Event 2

For Time:

15 T2B

1 x [1 Wall Walk + 2 Wall Facing Strict HSPU]

15 T2B

2 x [1 Wall Walk + 2 Wall Facing Strict HSPU]

15 T2B

3 x [1 Wall Walk + 2 Wall Facing Strict HSPU]

15 T2B

4 x [1 Wall Walk + 2 Wall Facing Strict HSPU]

15 T2B

5 x [1 Wall Walk + 2 Wall Facing Strict HSPU]

15 T2B

6 x [1 Wall Walk + 2 Wall Facing Strict HSPU]

*15 min time cap

Day 2

Event 3

For Time:

1000m Row

20 Shuttle Runs

100 Cal AB

20 Shuttle Runs

1000m Row

1 = 50' - 25' out and back

*20 min time cap

Event 4

For Total Time:

12/15 Ring Muscle Up


21 Thruster @ 65/95

9 Bar Facing Burpees

-1 min rest-

9/12 Ring Muscle Up


15 Thruster @ 80/115

15 Bar Facing Burpee

-1 min rest-

6/9 Ring Muscle Up


9 Thruster @ 95/135

21 Bar Facing Burpee

Day 3

Event 5

For Time:

60 Alt DB Power Snatch @ 35/50#

50 Alt Pistols

40 Kipping HSPU

30 Wall Ball Shots - standard weight

20 Box Jump Over @ 20/24” - no rebounding

10/arm SA DB OH Walking Lunges @ 50/70#

Event 6

For Time:

10 Snatches @ 125/185

40 Row Calories (30 for females)

10 Clean to Overhead @ 125/185

*6 min time cap

On my instagram account (@coachsamsmith) I posted each of these events along with a short write up on the intention and my thoughts behind each of them. Feel free to head there for further insights on these tests. Best of luck to those who do them!

The Crafting Fitness Podcas

Episode 12: Developing Dynamic Skills (Listener Q & A)

In this week’s episode, I tackle a listener Q & A. 

The question revolved around how to develop dynamic skills. Most specifically: Toes to Bar, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, Ring and Bar Muscle Ups, Handstand Push Ups, and Handstand Walking.

Being able to do all of these movements is required in order to compete in the Sport of Crossfit. So, here’s how I go about helping people develop them…

Some of the pieces I covered are the following:

  • Potential for development
  • Strict Strength Requirements
  • Skill Development
  • Programming Considerations

Functional Volume Article [this was mentioned in the episode as a resource for understanding how much volume you need to build with skills for the sport]:,events%2C%20and%20other%20various%20competitions.

If you have questions or topics you’d like for us to discuss on future episodes, feel free to respond to this email with that topic or email me directly:

Click here to give it a listen.

Please help us out by rating and sharing a review on the podcast app. Thanks!


Coach Sam Smith

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