Welcome to the team, Colleen.

13 Feb

I’ll get straight to it. 

I’m very excited to announce that our good friend, great coach, and all-round awesome person, Colleen Fotsch has joined our coaching team.

Colleen comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience on both the coaching and client side. 

Colleen's athletic career began with her being a 5-time All-American swimmer at UC Berkeley where her team claimed multiple NCAA D1 titles. 

After college, she turned her attention to CrossFit and participated in the Games and Regionals several times as both an individual athlete and part of a team. A memorable moment in Colleen's CrossFit career was when she achieved first place in the 15.5 competition, finishing the 144-rep combination of rowing and thrusters in a time of 6:26, faster than any female participant in the world. 

In 2020, Colleen was invited to join Team USA Bobsled, adding another outstanding athletic experience to her already impressive resume.

As well as her impressive athletic achievements, Colleen is a brilliant coach who lives and breathes the Crafted values. She brings her passion for fitness to every individual and program she delivers, and we’re incredibly lucky to have her joining our team 

Starting today, Colleen will be taking individual design clients and leading her new program, Crafted: Perform. 

Crafted: Perform is built to fuel the enduring athlete inside of you. Colleen brings her personal experience transitioning from competitor to pursuing fitness for life, with programming that will keep repping out the skills and lifts you love without sacrificing health and balance. You’ll train with an athlete’s mindset, chasing performance and new challenges for the thrill of it. 

Check out Crafted: Perform and start training with Colleen here

She'll also be taking individual design clients in the near future, so if you're interested in working 1:1 with her then just click here to join the waitlist.

If you aren’t already, head over to Colleen’s social, show her some love, and welcome her to the team!




Sam Smith

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