Meet the Coaches


  • Oh my man Matt. I could write a book about this guy. I started with Matt almost 3 years ago after attending an Opex Camp. It was the best decision for me as an athlete and a coach. One of the best ...

    Kevin Cuff
    Kevin Cuff Crafted Coaching
  • I don’t know how to keep this testimonial short… Since this journey has been very emotional for me. Michael has been the coach that I can always count on. I had suffered shoulder chronic pain for ...

    Serena Lewin
    Serena Lewin Crafted Coaching
  • After looking into countless coaching options and having many conversations with knowledgeable athletes and coaches, it was clear that Henry is world class in every aspect of his coaching and mentorship. Despite the miles that separate Puerto Rico from Pittsburgh, the relationship we have built over the last year is incredibly strong...

    Rob Harbison
    Rob Harbison Crafted Coaching

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