Crafted Coaching FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions about Crafted Coaching

  • How do I sign up?

    Visit the Hire A Coach page and complete the form to book time with our coaching advisor. They will answer any questions and get you started.

  • What type of people do you coach?

    We coach anyone who takes their fitness seriously, whether you want to compete in a sport or live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • I compete in a different sport, are you guys CrossFit® only?

    We have many athletes in our system who compete in martial arts, powerlifting, obstacle course racing, olympic weightlifting, professional golf, intramural hockey and so much more.

  • If I don't want to compete, do I still need a coach?

    Yes! Valuing your time and wanting the proper expertise around your fitness and lifestyle means you still need a coach to help guide you to reach your goals.

  • How much does it cost to work with a Crafted Coach?

    Price will depend on the specific coach. Our prices start at $265 per month and go up to $355 per month in $30 increments. Check out our coaches here to find the one you vibe with the best!

  • Why are some coaches at a higher price than others?

    The length of time working for Crafted and demand of clients who want to work with that coach all contribute to the price variation.

  • Do you guys just have nutrition coaches?

    Luckily for you your coach will combine your fitness, lifestyle and nutrition needs into one service! We believe these three pillars need to be aligned for the best results in the long-term, so it just makes sense that your Crafted coach will support you through all of them.

  • I don't have all the CrossFit® movements, is that okay?

    This also means you probably haven't developed any bad habits you might need to break. So, yes! Our coaches are trained on giving you proper strengthening drills and progressions to achieve these skills. There is no fast track to developing advanced skills, but we can show you the best one!

  • So are you guys personal trainers?

    Nope, we are coaches. Personal Trainers train you for 30-60 minutes and are clocked out at the end of your session. Our coaches are not just here for your fitness. We see the most success from building healthy habits around the other 23 hours in your day... OUTSIDE of the gym!

  • I don't have access to a gym, can we do bodyweight only stuff?

    We do ask that our clients have access to a basic gym.  While this may not look like your typical functional fitness gym, some equipment is necessary to reap the benefits within this system. However, if you are traveling or training at home our coaches can program for the minimal equipment you have access to.

  • Why is there a coaching agreement?

    Long lasting results take time... Rome wasn’t built in a day! Our coaches invest in every client, and we want you to invest in them. By signing our agreement you are saying to your coach that you understand this is not a 6-Week Fix and that you’re not expecting to become an overnight success. You are committed to the process and are ready to make long-term changes to reach your full potential!

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