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How to Warm Up Like a Big Dawgs Games Athlete

Jan 30

Improper preparation for training sessions and competition is a common mistake in fitness. While it’s important to challenge your limits, we want to maximize those opportunities through specific preparation pieces on the front end of our training sessions. You cannot maximize your potential if your body isn't warmed up. Additionally, not warming up (or warming up incorrectly) can not only lead to injury, but can also decrease your training output.

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Warm ups: Why are they important?

Feb 04

Here are a few pieces to think about: Preparing aerobic system (pulmonary, cardiovascular, and muscular systems) for work ahead Getting the mind prepared and centered on the tasks ahead Getting th...

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Proper Preparation for Specific Training Sessions: Strength Training

Nov 08

The main takeaways: 1) Identify the key point of the session; if its strength based, think nervous system preparation 2) Great blood flow and movement specific work on the front end 3) Prepare the pattern with lighter/faster variations 4) Allow for an adequate build up to tough sets to prepare the brain for the voluntary contraction required The main phase: “Prepare with purpose”

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