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MYTH BUSTER: In order to lose weight, I have to starve myself

Feb 03

MYTH: In order to lose weight, I have to starve myself. TRUTH:  Depriving your body makes it think you're experiencing a famine or food shortage. To adapt, it slows your metabolism so you burn less...

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What Big Dawgs Athlete Colleen Fotsch Eats on a Rest Day

Jun 25

Colleen Fotsch is a multi-year CrossFit Games athlete having competed at the Games on both a Team and as an Individual. She was a collegiate swimmer for Cal and is currently studying for a masters ...

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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses Macro and Micro Nutrients

Jun 18

Whitney Reese came to us from her physical therapy facility in Austin, TX. I always love to see what our coach’s spaces look like, and this one didn’t disappoint!  What are macros and micros - mac...

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Coach Chat - Sean McGovern Discusses How Genetics, Environment, and Psychology Lead To Fitness Success

Jul 24

Jim Crowell and Sean McGovern discuss how Sean helps his clients build the right environmental support systems, psychology, and consistency in order to optimize their human performance in and out of the gym. We delve into what lead Sean to being fascinated by the other 14 hours outside of sleeping and training and why he focuses so much on that time along with training with his clients.

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Triangle of Success

Apr 22

What breeds success in competitive fitness? While that can be a broad question, let’s pull it apart. First, we need to define success. We have to remember whenever we think of success we filter tha...

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Why CrossFit Athletes Need Carbs

Mar 05

We need to understand the goal and the athlete before we start to think about what fueling will be necessary. Once that is known, we can then look at what goes into that sport. With the CrossFit Athlete in mind, we know the sport demands a broad range of metabolic tasks that will require adequate resources to fuel and recover from. We know from research that ATP synthesized from glucose is roughly a 2 to 5-fold increase in ATP per minute compared to fat oxidation. Additionally, becoming fat-adapted results in being carb-impaired, which is a poor physiological trade-off when considering the demands of the sport. Knowing the daily caloric demands for these athletes will be higher to promote recovery and growth, carbohydrate intake will make up close to half, if not more, of their daily caloric intake. However, before we blindly add more carbohydrates, an athlete's lifestyle must be in optimal working order. This will give direct feedback on how the body is responding to the stress imposed on it and how well it is recovering. This will ultimately dictate the direction of fueling for the individual athlete.

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Why Should We Mix Up Our Proteins?

Feb 18

Proteins are one of three macronutrients we consume in our food. Arguably the most important as they are the building blocks for the body. One aspect regarding protein consumption that often gets n...

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Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Jan 14

What does breakfast mean? Breaking our fast, of course. Coming out of an 8-9 hour period where food intake is halted, our body begins to upregulate various hormones and enzymes for nourishment. The...

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Cool Down and Post Workout Fueling

Dec 10

The main takeaways: 1) The recovery process starts once your session has finished 2) Easy blood flow and mindful stretching post training are great tools to start the recovery process 3) Diaphragmatic breathing is a great tool to help transition the body from a sympathetically driven state to a parasympathetic state 4) Ensure your body has cooled down before consuming food or shakes post workout 5) Prioritize food hygiene (great chewing, sitting down, relaxing) when consuming food post workout 6) Post Workout macronutrient prescriptions and the food choices within it are highly individualized

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Conscious Nutrition: Why Nutritional Habits are Better Than Macros

Nov 19

Athletes know that in order to reach peak fitness you have to put gas in the tank. What happens though, if you have a leak in your gas tank, or if your engine can’t take in gas, or if you flood you...

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A Sneak Peek At What Our Best CrossFit Athletes Eat

Jul 26

In this sneak peek at what our best CrossFit athletes eat we ask a few questions about nutrition to athletes Tennil Reed-Beuerlein and Marcus Filly.

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