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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses Macro and Micro Nutrients

Jun 18

Whitney Reese came to us from her physical therapy facility in Austin, TX. I always love to see what our coach’s spaces look like, and this one didn’t disappoint!  What are macros and micros - mac...

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Coaches Chat - Mizar Fuentes Should I Count My Macros?

Nov 19

When you have created habits that are truly engrained inside of you, you can build on top of them. For macros, if you are sleeping well, eating/drinking well, training consistently, getting sun (when possible), enjoying rhythm and purpose, and you aren’t stressing out to do those things - ie automatic - you'd better be prepared to receive better success from adding macros, as a tool to your arsenal.

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Why Athletes Need Fats

Mar 05

But I thought fat makes you fat? Eh, there’s a bit more to it than that. In this post, we are going to discuss why we need fat and why it’s an important tool in an athlete’s diet. The points we wil...

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Conscious Nutrition: Why Nutritional Habits are Better Than Macros

Nov 19

Athletes know that in order to reach peak fitness you have to put gas in the tank. What happens though, if you have a leak in your gas tank, or if your engine can’t take in gas, or if you flood you...

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