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Get Better Sleep

Mar 25

What is the most powerful performance enhancer that’s also free? Sleep. Paraphrasing a section from Matthew Walker’s book entitled “Why We Sleep” will give some perspective: “Obtain anything less t...

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Cool Down and Post Workout Fueling

Dec 10

The main takeaways: 1) The recovery process starts once your session has finished 2) Easy blood flow and mindful stretching post training are great tools to start the recovery process 3) Diaphragmatic breathing is a great tool to help transition the body from a sympathetically driven state to a parasympathetic state 4) Ensure your body has cooled down before consuming food or shakes post workout 5) Prioritize food hygiene (great chewing, sitting down, relaxing) when consuming food post workout 6) Post Workout macronutrient prescriptions and the food choices within it are highly individualized

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