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Mind Balance

Dec 30

A new year, a new you, right? I’ll do you one better. How about a new way to view your mind? I believe that could be a more productive way to look at this new year. An approach that will add lasting value and shift the way you look at your weekly activities.

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Small Fish Thrive in Large Ponds: Rachael D'Angelo

Dec 02

It’s better to be a small fish in a large pond, than a big fish in a small pond. Big Dawgs Athlete, Rachael D’Angelo competed at Beetle Extravaganza in November 2019. Like many competitions, ...

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Coach Chat - Mike McElroy Discusses Building Confidence In Fitness And Life

Jul 26

Jim Crowell and Mike McElroy dug into how athletes can build stronger confidence in themselves at all levels of their fitness. From a young kid through his years playing golf, to his time on the floor as a multi-year CrossFit Games Regional Athlete, to now moving into the triathlon world, Mike has learned what he and his athletes need in order to progress through the numerous ups and downs that life throws at them. Enjoy!

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Coach Chat - Henry Torano Discusses The Need For Truth And Discipline In Fitness

Jul 25

Henry Torano is a man of his word. When Henry tells you something, you can trust it because he's a straight shooter. He takes that disciplined truth into all aspects of his life. From a high-level football player to CrossFitter to Triathlete, Henry has felt all of the same things that his clients and athletes feel in their training, so he's able to communicate with them honestly so that they have the best foundation with which to progress from. Enjoy!

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Coach Chat - Sean McGovern Discusses How Genetics, Environment, and Psychology Lead To Fitness Success

Jul 24

Jim Crowell and Sean McGovern discuss how Sean helps his clients build the right environmental support systems, psychology, and consistency in order to optimize their human performance in and out of the gym. We delve into what lead Sean to being fascinated by the other 14 hours outside of sleeping and training and why he focuses so much on that time along with training with his clients.

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Coach Chat - Mizar Fuentes Ortega Discusses How Mindset Controls Your Fitness

Jul 24

Jim Crowell and Mizar Fuentes Ortega discuss so much about how mindset ultimately leads athletes to either reaching or failing to reach their fitness goals. Mizar discusses how his athletes effectively align their lifestyle to their training so that they give themselves the best opportunities to succeed in their own fitness. We also discuss Mizar's background with high level gymnastics, CrossFit, and then Jiu Jitsu and how each of those experiences have lead him to an even stronger conviction that what happens between the ears is what makes or breaks his athletes. Enjoy!

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How Do You Prepare Your Mindset for Training?

May 14

How do you prepare your mindset for training? While this might seem like a trivial question to ponder, there’s actually a lot in it. Before we dive into that, let’s create context around what I m...

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Goal Setting and Execution

Apr 29

How do you set a goal? Simple, you pick something you want to attain and start working towards it. If it were that easy everyone would have everything they’ve ever wanted, which isn’t the case. Whi...

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