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Coaches Chat - Mizar Fuentes Should I Count My Macros?

Nov 19

When you have created habits that are truly engrained inside of you, you can build on top of them. For macros, if you are sleeping well, eating/drinking well, training consistently, getting sun (when possible), enjoying rhythm and purpose, and you aren’t stressing out to do those things - ie automatic - you'd better be prepared to receive better success from adding macros, as a tool to your arsenal.

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Basic Lifestyle Guidelines

Oct 03

These are a list of habits and points that we try to emphasize every day to our athletes. If we try and focus and develop these this will lead to a significant improvement in energy, digestion an...

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Who Should Be Taking Supplements?

May 07

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about supplements, I’d have a lot of dollars. The market utilizes our culture’s “quick fix” mentality to sell supplements aimed at mitigating all t...

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