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Coaches Chat - Will Trujillo Discusses Finding Your Competition Personality 

Feb 19

"I know that I need an edge to win" I spoke to Big Dawgs Coach, Will Trujllo, on his birthday, and we got into a really interesting conversation about how he and his athletes find their personal...

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Small Fish Thrive in Large Ponds: Rachael D'Angelo

Dec 02

It’s better to be a small fish in a large pond, than a big fish in a small pond. Big Dawgs Athlete, Rachael D’Angelo competed at Beetle Extravaganza in November 2019. Like many competitions, ...

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Coaches Chat - How To Improve Open Movements Over The Course Of A Year

Oct 10

So many people ask us “how do I get better for a competition,” so I decided to ask coach Sam Smith to help me better understand how athletes can spend a year building the important movements for a competition. More specifically, I asked him how to improve from one year’s CrossFit Open to next year’s CrossFit Open.

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Coaches Chat - What Is And How To Optimize Your CrossFit Games Open Performance

Oct 10

We have been discussing the CrossFit Open with everybody inside of Big Dawgs, so I decided to ask coach Sam Smith to help me better understand how athletes can view the Open for themselves to get their best performance inside of it. Something important to note, though, is that this isn’t an article about how to train for a year - or 5 years - to peak physically for it. No, this article and video are about how to take wherever you sit, right now, and put your best result forward.

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Coach Chat - Mizar Fuentes Ortega Discusses How Mindset Controls Your Fitness

Jul 24

Jim Crowell and Mizar Fuentes Ortega discuss so much about how mindset ultimately leads athletes to either reaching or failing to reach their fitness goals. Mizar discusses how his athletes effectively align their lifestyle to their training so that they give themselves the best opportunities to succeed in their own fitness. We also discuss Mizar's background with high level gymnastics, CrossFit, and then Jiu Jitsu and how each of those experiences have lead him to an even stronger conviction that what happens between the ears is what makes or breaks his athletes. Enjoy!

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How Do You Overcome Pain In A Fitness Competition or Training Workout?

Jul 10

The article discusses how athletes can practice to improve their ability to overcome tiring or burning out in a fitness workout or fitness competition. We discuss how they can improve their results in both training and competitions by implementing physical and mental preparation and practice in training as well as physical and mental tactics during a competition

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How Do You Prepare Your Mindset for Training?

May 14

How do you prepare your mindset for training? While this might seem like a trivial question to ponder, there’s actually a lot in it. Before we dive into that, let’s create context around what I m...

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