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Coach Chat - Mizar Fuentes Ortega Discusses How Mindset Controls Your Fitness

Jul 24

Jim Crowell and Mizar Fuentes Ortega discuss so much about how mindset ultimately leads athletes to either reaching or failing to reach their fitness goals. Mizar discusses how his athletes effectively align their lifestyle to their training so that they give themselves the best opportunities to succeed in their own fitness. We also discuss Mizar's background with high level gymnastics, CrossFit, and then Jiu Jitsu and how each of those experiences have lead him to an even stronger conviction that what happens between the ears is what makes or breaks his athletes. Enjoy!

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Coach Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses Winning For The Long-Run

Jul 18

Whitney Reese and Jim Crowell discuss how her long history in numerous sports, soccer being the leader, her storied academic and Physical Therapy career, her CrossFit Games experience, and her exploration into her own priorities have lead her to her coaching style that is built off of individual support for all of her clients. In this article, you'll really get a great insight into what drives Whitney and how smart she really is. Thankfully, she slowed things down to keep Jim on board! Enjoy!

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Coach Chat - Michael Bann Discusses How To Build Human Resiliency

Jul 18

Jim Crowell spent a quick 20 minutes with Big Dawgs Coach Michael Bann going down the rabbit hole in a plethora of different topics surrounding physiology, resiliency, and training/mentoring tactical athletes. Throughout the show, they discuss how Michael differentiates how he helps his clients versus other online coaches' styles via his in-depth assessment of physiology and movement. He details what his definition of "resiliency" is and how he aims to increase this in his clients.

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Coach Chat - Will Trujillo Explains The Full Fitness Athlete Continuum

Jul 16

Big Dawgs Coach, Will Trujillo, discusses how he helps his fitness athletes improve throughout their entire fitness lifecycle whether they are just beginning a 10 year progression or whether they are finishes their fitness career in favor of their next goals in life. They discuss how Will's background in football, high level CrossFit Games competition, physical therapy, and coaching athletes such as Tommy Vinas - Tommy V - have helped him progress all of his clients and athletes forward more successfully.

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