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What Does Good Mean In CrossFit? Brian Foley And Jim Crowell Discuss

Aug 24

Jim Crowell and Brian Foley sat down to discuss what GOOD means in CrossFit. So many people say that a CrossFitter is "good" but there aren't any qualifiers to that term. Jim asked Brian to qualify what Good means, so Brian discussed data - specific numbers good CrossFitters need to hit, mindset, history, and what good CrossFitters do outside of the gym! Enjoy!

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Coach Chat - Brian Foley and Jim Crowell Discuss The 2019 CrossFit Games

Aug 12

Jim Crowell and Brian Foley discussed some of the broad things that Brian enjoyed, noticed, and was surprised by in the 2019 CrossFit Games. Brian discussed what Mat Fraser has that other athletes do not. Brian also spoke about how athletes can take what they've learned and organize their training to create a successful upcoming season.

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The 5 Stages Of Fitness Training Mastery

Jul 26

Brian Foley wrote a great piece about what he's finding with his athletes and their ongoing growth in fitness, and then he spoke to Jim Crowell about his findings. He's identified a great foundation of stages that fitness athletes go through on the way to their ultimate precipice. There is a lot to learn about yourself as an athlete and as a person as you move through these stages, but just being aware of where you are can be a positive and eye opening experience.

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