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Coaches Chat - Michael Bann Gives An In Depth Look Into The Aerobic System - Part 2

Nov 01

When you are stressed, have gut issues, aren’t sleeping, etc...and then you tack on a workout that puts you just a bit over the line, you can set that forrest fire of inflammation off. When that inflammation goes, it harms your ability to create red blood cells, but it also harms your ability to absorb the micronutrients that help you be more oxidative (aerobic). 

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Coach Chat - Brian Foley and Jim Crowell Discuss The 2019 CrossFit Games

Aug 12

Jim Crowell and Brian Foley discussed some of the broad things that Brian enjoyed, noticed, and was surprised by in the 2019 CrossFit Games. Brian discussed what Mat Fraser has that other athletes do not. Brian also spoke about how athletes can take what they've learned and organize their training to create a successful upcoming season.

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