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September 2020 Monthly Workout

Sep 22

ARTEMIS For time, 1-10 For time, 1-101 DB Devil's Press (50/35)1 DB Squats1 HSPU2 DB Devil's Press (50/35)2 DB Squats2 HSPU3 DB Devil's Press (50/35)3 DB Squats3 HSPUand so on….. SUBMIT SCORES HOW...

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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses Macro and Micro Nutrients

Jun 18

Whitney Reese came to us from her physical therapy facility in Austin, TX. I always love to see what our coach’s spaces look like, and this one didn’t disappoint!  What are macros and micros - mac...

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Coaches Chats - Whitney Reese Discusses The CrossFit Games Going Back to Aromas, California

Jun 02

Whitney Reese competed at the CrossFit Games in Carson, California in 2010, but she was training at a high level prior to that when the Games were in Aromas, California. Fast forwarding to today, w...

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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses if Telehealth May Be the Next Big Thing in Healthcare

Apr 14

Whitney Reese is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and she’s been working diligently to build out Telehealth and E-visits amid the Covid 19 pandemic. I was very curious about the service as well as the...

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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses Creating Positive Habits In Chaotic Environments

Apr 01

Whitney Reese is a very principled and systematic thinker. She doesn’t just ask what 1+1 equals, she asks why it is that 1+1 = 2. It doesn’t matter the topic, if Whitney has thought about it, she’s...

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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses How To See And Fix Movement In Fitness - Part 2

Oct 02

As you prove that you can control something such as your shoulders/scapulas in a closed chain environment, you would then graduate to an open chain environment, but you can always continue to include closed chain movements because they may be beneficial for ongoing strength, stability, and endurance.

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