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What Big Dawgs Athlete Colleen Fotsch Eats on a Rest Day

Jun 25

Colleen Fotsch is a multi-year CrossFit Games athlete having competed at the Games on both a Team and as an Individual. She was a collegiate swimmer for Cal and is currently studying for a masters ...

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Coaches Chat - Henry Toraño & Laura Thompson Discuss Progressing During A Pandemic

Apr 13

Big Dawgs Coach, Henry Toraño, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Henry’s client, Laura Thompson. Laura is in the CrossFit Games Masters Division Age 45-49 division. She finished 37th in t...

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What does it mean to be an athlete?

Jan 27

What is the distinction between athletes and participants? “The athlete in my definition is someone who goes for pleasure, pain, points and prizes with the sacrifice of maximum physical expression...

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How Do You Prepare Your Mindset for Training?

May 14

How do you prepare your mindset for training? While this might seem like a trivial question to ponder, there’s actually a lot in it. Before we dive into that, let’s create context around what I m...

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A Sneak Peek At What Our Best CrossFit Athletes Eat

Jul 26

In this sneak peek at what our best CrossFit athletes eat we ask a few questions about nutrition to athletes Tennil Reed-Beuerlein and Marcus Filly.

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