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Coaches Chat - Michael Bann Discusses Health and Fitness Success During Ramadan

Apr 20

Michael Bann has worked with clients from all over the world throughout the past decade. Many of those clients have had to work around religious holidays. At the time of this article, some of Micha...

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Coaches Chat - Michael Bann Discusses Keys To First Responder Performance

Apr 13

Michael and I have wonderful conversations where he unloads really helpful information onto me, and when he chats about first responders it’s very clear that more people need to hear him.  One of t...

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Coaches Chat - Michael Bann Is The Solver of Human Puzzles

Jan 23

So many people are curious how Michael Bann is so capable of wrapping his head around so many complex topics while simultaneously being able to explain those complex topics in simple enough ways for his clients and coaching colleagues to understand. To dig into how Michael learned these skills, we needed to go way back in Michael’s story, so that’s what we did!

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Coaches Chat - Michael Bann Shares A Special Forces Client Case Study Story

Jan 23

Michael Bann  and I often discuss the successes and challenges he’s seen with some of his clients because he often has complex client puzzles to solve. Michael often works with Military Special Forces clients as they want to prepare for, go through, and thrive after Selection, the Qualification Course, and then multiple deployments into hostile parts of the world.

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Coaches Chat - Michael Bann Gives An In Depth Look Into The Aerobic System - Part 2

Nov 01

When you are stressed, have gut issues, aren’t sleeping, etc...and then you tack on a workout that puts you just a bit over the line, you can set that forrest fire of inflammation off. When that inflammation goes, it harms your ability to create red blood cells, but it also harms your ability to absorb the micronutrients that help you be more oxidative (aerobic). 

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Coaches Chat - Michael Bann Discusses Fitness And Health Resiliency 

Oct 23

CEO Jim Crowell sits down with Big Dawgs Coach Michael Bann to discuss building resilience. In this chat, Michael first helped me to see his definition of resiliency because so many people have such abstract views on what it means in the first place. He went on to make a very interesting comment surrounding the difference between resiliency in higher level performers vs more of everyday competitors. Jim and Michael had a great conversation. Enjoy it!

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