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Coaches Chat - Henry Toraño Discusses Sleep Before, During and After COVID-19

Jun 11

Henry Toraño is very mindful of what he tells his clients, and when it comes to sleep he knows that people are in vastly different starting points in terms of how well they sleep. If there is one p...

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Coaches Chat - Henry Torano Discusses How To Get Back Into The Gym During COVID-19

Apr 28

Henry Toraño not only coaches people online, he also owns OPEX San Juan in Puerto Rico. He is very in tune with the challenges of clients, coaches, and gym owners, so I wanted to discuss with him w...

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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses if Telehealth May Be the Next Big Thing in Healthcare

Apr 14

Whitney Reese is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and she’s been working diligently to build out Telehealth and E-visits amid the Covid 19 pandemic. I was very curious about the service as well as the...

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Coaches Chat - Henry Toraño & Laura Thompson Discuss Progressing During A Pandemic

Apr 13

Big Dawgs Coach, Henry Toraño, and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Henry’s client, Laura Thompson. Laura is in the CrossFit Games Masters Division Age 45-49 division. She finished 37th in t...

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Refining your daily routine during social distancing

Apr 09

What are you doing on a daily basis? How are you investing your time? What we have come to realize is that in this situation, quarantine/social distancing, provides us the perfect conditions to se...

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Coaches Chat - Henry Toraño Discusses How To Deal With Emotions During The Virus

Apr 03

Big Dawgs Coach, Henry Toraño discussed some really helpful ideas for people of many makes and models to navigate their training, lifestyle, and daily habits to continue to move forward in this ver...

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COACHES CHAT - Michael Bann Discusses Health and Performance Amid Covid-19

Apr 03

Michael is an expert when it comes to understanding how the human body connects with the mind, and he’s experienced a significant number of different clients and scenarios that have tested people’s...

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Coaches Chat - Whitney Reese Discusses Creating Positive Habits In Chaotic Environments

Apr 01

Whitney Reese is a very principled and systematic thinker. She doesn’t just ask what 1+1 equals, she asks why it is that 1+1 = 2. It doesn’t matter the topic, if Whitney has thought about it, she’s...

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5 Tips for Staying Healthy this Flu Season

Mar 12

Big Dawgs coaches and athletes take a natural approach to avoiding sickness and in the current client (with COVID-19 a.k.a. the coronavirus spreading). Besides for the standard, wash your hands, we...

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